Japanese Language Study

As most of the TUT undergraduate Program and General Master's/ Doctoral Program are conductor in Japanese, it is essential for you to have mastered Japanese before you enter the university.

Even if you take International Master's/ Doctoral Degree Program, we strongly recommend you to study basic Japanese language. Toyohashi city is in a country side, and many Japanese locals cannot speak English at all. So if you can speak some words in Japanese, communication with the locals and Japanese students in the university will be much better.

Japanese Language Courses

TUT offers three complimentary Japanese Language Courses to our international students. Their spouses and researchers are also welcoming to Basic Japanese Classes.

Regular Classes

TUT offers several regular classes for both undergraduate and graduate international students who need Japanese language proficiency.

Basic Japanese Classes

We also offer some Japanese language classes for beginners.
For the details, please visit the link below.

Intensive Japanese Language Course

This course is mainly for Japanese government-sponsored (embassy-recommended) international research students.

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