University's History

1974 Establishment of "Graduate School of Science and Technology (tentative name)" in Toyohashi city was decided.
1976 Opening of Toyohashi University of Technology
Inauguration of the first president Yoneichiro Sakaki
1977 Commencement of Undergraduate Courses: Energy Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information and Computer Sciences, Materials Science, Architecture and Civil Engineering
1978 Establishment of Language Center
Inaugural entrance ceremony
1980 Commencement of Master's Course in Graduate School of Engineering
1984 Inauguration of the second president Namio Honda
1986 Commencement of Doctoral Course in Materials System Engineering and Systems and Information Engineering within the Graduate School of Engineering
1987 Commencement of Doctoral Course in Integrated Energy Engineering within the Graduate School of Engineering
1988 Establishment of Faculty of Knowledge-based Information Engineering at the undergraduate level
1990 Inauguration of the third president Shinichi Sasaki
1991 Establishment of Knowledge-based Information Engineering as a Master's Course in Graduate School of Engineering
1993 Establishment of Faculty of Ecological Engineering
1995 Reorganization of Doctoral Courses in Graduate School of Engineering: Establishment of Mechanical and Structural System Engineering, Functional Materials Engineering, Electronic and Information Engineering, Environmental and Life Engineering
1996 Inauguration of the fourth president Keishi Goto
Energy Engineering Course renamed as Mechanical Engineering Course
1997 Establishment of Ecological Engineering Program for Master's Course in Graduate School of Engineering
2000 Commencement of Master's Course given in English
2001 Establishment of International Cooperation Center for Engineering Education Development
2002 Inauguration of the fifth president Tatau Nishinaga
Establishment of International Student Center
2004 Established "National University Corporation" at Toyohashi University of Technology
2008 Inauguration of the sixth president Yoshiyuki Sakaki
2010 Reorganized Undergraduate and Master's Courses: Mechanical Engineering, Electric and Electrical Information Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Environmental and Life Sciences, Architecture and Civil Engineering
Merged Language Center and International Student Center into Center for International Relations
2012 Reorganized the Doctoral Courses
Selected for National University Reform Enhancement Project
2013 Establishment of Center for International Education
Establishment of TUT-USM Technology Collaboration Centre in Penang, Malaysia
Selected for Program for Leading Graduate Schools
2014 Inauguration of the seventh president Takashi Onishi
Selected for Top Global University Project
2016 40th Anniversary Commemoration of Toyohashi University of Technology
2017 Commencement of Global Technology Architects Course
2019 Environmental and Life Sciences Course renamed as Applied Chemistry and Life Science Course

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