Short-term Visiting International Students

If you are a student of a foreign university etc. and wish to conduct training for the purposes of an internship, student exchange or the like at our university, you will only be accepted following the selection process on the condition that your activity does not interfere with education and research at our university.

1. Qualifications

Student of foreign university, etc. (undergraduate, graduate)

2. Period

From one week to three months
If there are special circumstances, the period can be extended for another three months.

3. Expenses

Training fee: 32,000 yen per month
(Note: The same training fee applies for periods of less than one month.)

Short-term visiting international students from partner universities

For short-term visiting international students from partner universities, the training fee is exempted.
* List of exchange agreement schools [Japanese] [English]

Payment conditions

The training fee for the training period must be paid prior to the commencement of training.


The above expenses cannot be refunded after payment.
NOTE: Travel and accommodation expenses, etc. will be required in addition to the above expenses.

4. Required Documents

documents to be submitted by students

  1. Study Plan in Detail (form2) [download]
  2. Resume (form 3) [download]
  3. Trainee covenant (form 4) [download] *print double-sided
  4. Original document of enrollment certificate from your university
  5. Copy of your passport
  6. Copy of certificate of medical/damage insurance such as overseas travel insurance accompanying your stay in Japan (please be sure to submit it two weeks before arrival).

受入教員提出書類 documents to be submitted by TUT faculty

  1. 国際研修生受入申請書(様式1)


  1. Please make these documents all A4 size and typed as much as possible in either Japanese or English. Please attach a translation in the case of other languages.
  2. Documents submitted will not be returned.

5. Application Deadline

The end of the month three months before the month in which you wish to enroll to start training in principle.
(Examples: please submit application documents to the International Affairs Division of our university by the end of January if you wish to be accepted in April or by the end of June in the case of enrollment in October)

Document delivery address

International Affairs Division
Toyohashi University Technology
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku, Toyohashi, Aichi, 441-8580, JAPAN

Contact Email: ryugaku@office
* Please add "" at the end of the email address.
* Be sure to contact us by e-mail etc. before posting the documents.

6. Visa

Those who will stay in Japan for 90 days or less should bring the necessary documents to the local Japanese Embassy or Consulate and apply for a "short-term" visa. Please check the documents necessary for applying for a short-term stay visa at the Japanese Embassy.

Embassies & Consulates

Documents from Toyohashi University of Technology are also necessary, so please ask the International Affairs Division to send the necessary documents for a short-terms stay visa application.

If you are of a nationality of a visa-exempted country and you stay in Japan within the short-term stay period decided for each country, you can enter the country without obtaining a visa. Please check the Japanese Embassy/Japanese Consulate-General website etc. to see if you require a visa.

[Date Created]8 Oct 2010 / [Date Updated]28 May 2020

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