Japanese Government Scholarships (University Recommendation, Top Global University Project)

Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships 2023
(University Recommendation, Top Global University Project)
for Research Students and Undergraduate Students

Application Guidelines

For details, please refer to the following guidelines.

If you do not confirm your enrollment in our university from April 2023 by the scholarship application deadline, you will not be eligible for the scholarship selection.

The information in the application guidelines by TUT is based on the 2022 application guidelines of the Japanese Government (MEXT), and may change according to the official announcement of the 2023 application guidelines from MEXT, which scheduled for December 2022.

Number of applicants TUT recommends:10 students (Tentative)

*The number of applicants TUT recommends is up to about 5 for categories (a) and (b) below.
If the total number of applicants from both category (a) and (b) is less than 10, then TUT will select applicants from category (c).

(a) Those who have already passed the GAC Third Year Entrance Examination and newly enrolled in TUT in April, 2023 from abroad or are already in Japan
(b)Those who have already enrolled in undergraduate/graduate courses in TUT and will be enrolling in undergraduate/graduate courses of GAC in TUT, as of April, 2023
(c)Those who have already enrolled or will be enrolling in undergraduate/regular graduate courses at TUT, as of April, 2023

Application procedures

1. Check application qualification and conditions

Check Application Guidelines and Academic Performance Entry Sheet to confirm whether your grade point average is 2.50 (out of 3.00) or above in the last one academic years as well as whether you satisfy other required qualifications and conditions.

2. Submit application documents

Send all required documents by e-mail first, then by international express mail.

Application documents submitted to;

International Student Section,
Student Affairs Division,
Toyohashi University of Technology
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku, Toyohashi, Aichi, 441-8580 JAPAN
E-mail ryugaku@office (Please add "" at the end of the email address.)

Application deadline

31 October, 2022

Required documents

  2. Research Plan or Research Status Sheet【MEXT_2023_sgu_study_plan.docx
  3. Transcripts by last attended school (Originals or Certified copies)
    *If the grade evaluation method is not described in the transcript, document explaining it must be attached.
  4. Photograph
  5. Certificate of language proficiency
  6. Photocopy of passport
  7. Academic Performance Entry Sheet【MEXT_2023_sgu_entry_sheet.xlsx
  8. Additional Information and Declaration for MEXT Scholarship Application【MEXT_2023_sgu_declaration.xls

Schedule of Selection

2022/10/31 Deadline for Japanese Government(MEXT)Scholarship Application
2022/12 (Tentative) University's result will be announced
2023/03 (Tentative) Final result from MEXT

For inquiries, please contact;

Address International Student Section
Student Affairs Division
Toyohashi University of Technology
1-1 Hibarigaoka, Tempaku-cho, Toyohashi, 441-8580, Japan
E-mail ryugaku@office
*Please add "" at the end of the email address.

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