2024 Japanese Government Scholarship (University Recommendation)

Japanese Government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO:MEXT) Scholarship (University Recommendation) 2024

University Recommendation is a type of selection where students are recommended to MEXT by a Japanese university. Toyohashi University of Technology recommends students under the two categories: "General" and "Special Program". For both the general and special quotas, those who are nominated will be recommended by the university to MEXT and MEXT will decide the applicants.

Note: If you would like to apply for MEXT scholarship (university recommendation) and enroll in TUT as a Regular Student, you also have to apply for International Master's or Doctoral Programs in TUT after the application for MEXT scholarship. The deadline of application for International Master's or Doctoral Program of TUT will be the end of May 2024.


for enrollment as "Research Students (Non-Regular Students)" or, in master's or doctoral programs (Regular Students)

Special Program:

The application and selection process will be conducted for the following programs.

"Educational Program for Digital-Mechanical Engineers Promoting Industry DX"

"Global Rotation Program for Architecture and Civil Engineering Education Bridging ASEAN and African Countries"

"Program on Training University Teachers and Leaders for Architecture and Civil Engineering through Multi- Institutional Collaboration"

You cannot apply for both general and special categories.

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